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Beauty 14 Beauty Brands You Didn't Know Had Travel-Size Options Before you try funneling your fave shampoo into a TSA-approved bottle, get this: Lots of your favorite beauty brands actually offer travel-friendly versions of their best-selling products—you just have to do a little digging to find 'em. Here are a few clutch finds, from mini hair care essentials to travel-ready makeup and skin care sets. And yes, each individual product meets the TSA's 3.4-ounce carry-on guideline. You can thank us later, after you pass through security without a glitch.
Beauty 5 Beauty Gurus Get Real: “What I Wish I Could Tell My Teen Self” We all have things we wish we could tell our younger selves, but these influencers have solid beauty advice that knows no age limit.
Beauty Beauty Lessons We Can All Learn From Ballet Dancer Isabella Boylston Isabella Boylston, principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, shares her thoughts on beauty—both on and off the stage. Produced with Walgreens.
Beauty Get Ready With Me: The Cutest Mom/Daughter Curly Hair Duo Ever Sai and London of lifestyle blog Scout the City have some fun with their curls and discuss the importance behind them.
Beauty Why Beauty Ideals are B.S. These models and beauty influencers are breaking the mold, but it hasn't always been as easy as they make it look.
Beauty Pearl Thusi’s Trick for Long Lashes The South African Quantico actress explains her philosophy on beauty, defends the value of a good selfie, and shares her best beauty tip. Produced with Walgreens.
Beauty How Selfies Keep a Beauty-Obsessed Mother/Daughter Pair Connected Lissette Rodriquez is making sure the beauty industry hears Latina voices. And she’s also taking a lot of selfies. Produced with Walgreens.
Beauty These Game Changers Are Proof That Beauty Ideals Are Transforming Faster Than Ever Before In just a few short years, our beauty ideals have undergone massive shifts, and that's a good thing.
Beauty Rapper Young M.A Reveals the Story Behind Her Favorite Tattoos The hip hop artist takes us on a tour of her body art.
Beauty Why Nura Afia Feels Powerful With or Without Makeup Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia reveals her barefaced beauty by taking off all her makeup after a photo shoot for Glamour.
Beauty How Burn Survivor Shalom Blac Learned to Love Her Flaws Burn survivor and beauty vlogger Shalom Blac used to use makeup as armor—now, it's a way to showcase her scars and inspire people around the world.
Beauty Jessica Alba’s 6 Favorite Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know Don't believe all the hacks you see on Instagram, but these seriously work. Jessica's trick for a barely-there foundation is honestly genius.