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Kandee Now

1 season, 6 episodes

When it comes to beauty trends, lifestyle hacks, and getting to the bottom of what guys really think about the things women do, Glamour's lead beauty contributor Kandee Johnson is on it.

Season 1

Entertainment Facial Fitness with Kandee Johnson Can you believe that there's a way to tone the muscles in your face? Beauty pro Kandee Johnson demonstrates a few exercises for the face and neck to help you keep your skin and muscles tight.
Beauty Plump Your Lips Like Kylie Jenner (The Safe Way!) If you're looking for a plump, puckered pout like Kylie Jenner, drop the shot glass and tune in as lead beauty contributor Kandee Johnson shows you exactly how to do it with a few simple beauty tools.
Entertainment What Guys REALLY Think About Beauty Trends Glamour's lead beauty contributor Kandee Johnson sat guys down to ask them what they really think about some of our favorite makeup trends and beauty habits. Here's what they had to say.
Beauty Kate Middleton as Belle Halloween Makeup Tutorial Want a Halloween costume fit for a royal? Watch as makeup pro Kandee Johnson shows you how to transform into the Duchess of Cambridge dressed as Princess Belle for Halloween.
Beauty Kim Kardashian as Princess Leia Halloween Makeup Tutorial Watch as professional makeup artist Kandee Johnson guides us through this DIY tutorial to recreate Kim Kardashian's epic Halloween makeup look as Star Wars' Princess Leia.
Beauty Donald Trump Halloween Makeup Tutorial Want to channel The Donald this Halloween? Our lead beauty contributor Kandee Johnson shows you how to complete the look: orange glow, comb-over, and frowny pout included!