1 season, 4 episodes

Every interaction comes with subtext. Glamour explores what we’re all actually thinking when we interact with family and friends in familiar (and sometimes awkward) scenarios.


Entertainment What You’re Really Thinking When Your Mother Comes to Visit Let’s face it, mother-daughter relationships can be… complicated. Here’s what mom and daughter are really thinking on one sunny Mother’s Day outing.
Entertainment Bringing Him Home for the Holidays When you bring your boyfriend home to meet your parents for the first time, there’s a certain song and dance that goes with the exchange—however awkward or endearing it may be. Here’s what everyone is really thinking.
Entertainment What You Actually Want to Say During a Job Interview Margot lands an interview at a prestigious law firm and strives to impress her interviewer who happens to be a more accomplished (and younger) alumni.
Entertainment What It's Like to Break Up on Your Anniversary Let’s face it: having the breakup conversation can be awkward. Here’s how to handle it when it happens to fall on your anniversary. Plus, what you’re really thinking…